Although this letter is addressed to you, it is for me

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Dear boy,

This is the last thing I thought I’d be doing; writing you a letter because all I want to do is sock you in the face. I hope this letter finds you in the sickest of health. It's been almost ten years since I last saw you, but the memories of what you did to me are as fresh as it happened this morning. You see, I was young and quite frankly dumb. I thought your loved ones are supposed to protect and cherish you. Not send you to the emergency department all bloodied and bruised.

It took…

Keep it simple and nimble

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Have you found yourself on the straight and narrow road of keeping fit, only to fall off the wagon one fine day? Now suddenly your 5pm workout sessions have been replaced with your daily dose of ‘Snowpiercer’.

I know I have, several times in fact. I have fallen off the wagon so many times, that I’ve found many ways to dust the dirt off and get back right on it. …

Pearls of wisdom from a reformed Grinch

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Growing up, I was most familiar with one emotion: anger.

If I were the same crass, explosive person I was 5 years ago, I would’ve most certainly been fired for professional misconduct. I had to learn how to hold my composure in tense situations, because speaking out of line often led to irreparable damage to my personal and professional life.

Is expressing your discontent worth jeopardizing a potential promotion or a cherished friendship for? Of course not. So check your rage, and heed the following when you’re irate.

Avoid airing your grievances on social media

“When angry, count to ten before you speak; if very angry, a…

I was late to the work-life balance party but I finally made it.

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The first sign that I was headed for trouble was when I had scored an A instead of an A+ on my final exams. I cried for days.

I had never identified myself as someone with a type-A personality, which came as a surprise to my boyfriend when I asked him if he thought I was one. Without a sliver of hesitation, he said, naturally yes. I always knew I had a highly competitive streak in me that was borderline dysfunctional. I mean, I’m the only person that I know of who would get a perfect score on a pop…

I wish I’d discovered it sooner

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When I first started out on Medium all I wanted to do was write. That’s it. I wanted a place I could come to and write regularly (because no matter how many courses you take, practice makes perfect).

I had discovered this platform by chance while I was taking part in a nonfiction writing contest, the judge was a prolific writer whose credentials included being a regular contributor on Medium.

I had spent sufficient time browsing aimlessly on it before signing up to be a member a month later. This was a huge deal for someone like me who wouldn’t…

Although the Nazi Holocaust had one of the most meticulously-documented involvement of doctors in the systematic persecution of the Jewish community, it was by no means a precedent. A whole two decades prior to the gruesome events of the Holocaust, the Armenian Genocide provided an ominous template for the involvement of doctors in genocides. Before there was a Dr Josef Mengele, there were the likes of Dr Bahaeddin Shakir and Dr Mehmed Reshid that had utilised their medical training to advance their nefarious and xenophobic agendas. It was widely believed that the ‘Angel of Death’ had drawn inspiration from these…

I know, I couldn’t believe myself when I typed out the title. We’ve been told numerous times how terrible bosses have driven good employees out of their teams. Chances are if you’re a good employee, you’d probably be able to get a job where the remuneration is better than the daily dose of ‘you’re dumb’ punch lines.

Of course unlike the movie Horrible Bosses, employees don’t normally plot their boss’ murders (although let’s be honest, we’ve all had that fleeting thought before).

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Our attempts at expressing our discontent often stops at screaming into a pillow, punching a wall or even…

Dear girl,

Remember how you thought you’d stop being afraid of the dentist once you’ve crossed your 20s? I’m sorry to disappoint but the dentist’s chair still exercises your vocal cords at 27.

We haven’t met and for obvious reasons we will never meet. Having said that, I would want you to know some things I wish I (you) did at your age. That includes the amazing Porefessional primer by Benefit cosmetics. You see, time is an important teacher and dumb-foolery a great companion.

Do you remember how small you used to feel in school because you had acne and…

My boyfriend and I have been in a long-distance relationship for the last three and half years. Fortunately for us, we are connected by an land border crossing, which has been our saving grace. We saw each other almost every month with our longest time apart being a mere six months. I consider us lucky, or at least I did until the pandemic happened.

In the interest of national safety both our countries had ceased international travel, including the closure of our land border (which was a big deal as there were thousands of daily commuters between both countries). …


60% dreamer, 20% realist, the rest depends on how much coffee I’ve had that morning

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